Dusk Diver

Dusk Diver is an anime-touched 3D ACT game. You will be playing as an ordinary high school girl, Yang Yumo.Shuttling between the surface and inner worlds of Ximending, fighting against the demon invasions with the guardians siding with you. Create your own unique combat combos and immerse yourself into the demon-slaying experience in Ximending.

Bound Strike

The first AR-enabled, competitive mobile game in the world.

Bound Strike is the first competitive mobile game that uses AR. The battle formations in game can be realistically displayed within the real world. This completely revolutionizes the modern gaming concepts. The player experience is completely elvated, marking the beginning of the competitive modern gaming age. You can wage fantastic battles on table tops or at your bedsides!

Territorial conquest is the core of Bound Strike’s competitive aspect. Players can summon card characters to fight each other. When a summoned character advances, it will automatically conquer the land beneath it. The player who conquers the largest area by the end of the game wins.


CODE2040 is a multiplayer shooting game base on a team of three with heavy focus on teamwork and coordination. In year 2040, energy becomes extremely scarce, you must travel to The Outside realm to discover new energy source. Accomplish your mission and be the last survivors!